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Discover our 2021 Spring-Summer collection of practice dancewear.

Brand new colours, models - skirts, trousers, tunics and tops - and two original patterns to choose from.

Ideal not only for your dance classes but also as unique streetwear.


ARDORA - Perfection dressed in dance

A flamenco outfit should not only be beautiful and perfectly cut but it is just as crucial for it to be comfortable. And these are the exact features of ARDORA dancewear: beautiful, light and fitting perfectly.  Some may say that it is just a simple piece of clothing – we believe it to be a dance partner contributing to the harmony and the magic of flamenco dance. Our skirts, dresses, tops and waistcoats pay homage to traditional flamenco colours and patterns, while our practice skirts will bring a breath of originality to your rehearsal space.

Stun the audience in our professional stage outfits

Our outfits are designed for dancers and by dancers. All of our creations are made in Poland, the country with long history in tailoring. Each textile we use has to meet a number of rigorous requirements. It has to be delicate, breathable, move beautifully, have a vibrant colour or a pattern alluding to the flamenco aesthetics. In pursuit for a perfect fit we always strive for top quality and attention to detail.

New children's collection

Discover ARDORA's new children collection - lots of new models of tops, skirts and dresses in a wide range of colours and patterns available for girls aged 5 to 12. Both for the stage and for training.

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Nothing boosts your confidence on stage more than a perfect outfit.



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